This past week, we:

Started the sweet potato slip bed. We save the best shaped sweet potatoes all winter, bury them under sand and then cover it with wire mesh and a plastic tarp. Once the bed heats up and the potatoes start to sprout we will remove the plastic. These little sprouts are what we plant to get sweet potatoes!

sweet potato slip bed. sweet potatoes.

We potted up tomatoes into 4 – inch soil blocks (since they are getting too big for the smaller blocks, but it is still too cold to plant them).

potting up tomatoes. 4 inch soil blocks.

Jesse and I put up plant variety markers in our own garden.

plant markers. plant markers.

We cut up our seed potatoes and planted nearly a quarter acre. Yukon Gold, Kennebec, and Red Lasoda.

seed potatoes. cutting seed potatoes. livi and nutkin.

And tonight it is supposed to FROST! Oh, spring.

- Hannah.

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Some random photos from the past week.

quince blossoms.The quince is in full bloom. 

charlie.Charlie is in heat right now….so….this has been happening a lot. 

hannah and mow.Mow and Hannah hanging out in the woods.

jesse.We may be off-the-grid, but our handy radio lets us keep up with our wildcats. GO BIG BLUE! 

planting lettuce.Transplanting lettuce before the rain.

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cher shearing blackie.

On Thursday, we helped Cher shear her Shetlands (tongue twister!) Jesse and I still have a dream of our own wool sheep, so it was fun to get some experience. The kids gathered around while they took breaks from hunting for fiddlehead ferns and morels. It was a long day filled with sore backs, but a day spent with the Bugtussle family is a day well spent.

- Hannah.

wool.baskets. opal's mustache. opal and livi. wool. shearing coffee. shearing.

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We took our new camera and our giant puppy on a walk to check on the mushroom logs. Remember those? Well, we are just now enjoying the first fruits of last years labor, and we are about to inoculate another 20 logs next week. Hooray for Shiitakes!

a walk. IMG_0025 trillium. mushrooms. shiitake logs. jesse and wendell.hannah. violet. wendell.shiitakes.

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