At the end of the movie Captain Phillips––so fair warning, SPOILER ALERT––there is this unbelievable scene where Tom Hanks (who plays Phillips), is being treated by a nurse for shock. He goes from being perfectly fine and seemingly holding it together, to absolutely breaking down in a matter of seconds once the reality of his situation, of the stress of being the prisoner of Somali Pirates, overtakes him. And this is sort of how we feel at the moment.

We’ve had such an intense season this year and though we’ve made it through, it has been a challenge on all sides. Over these last few weeks alone, the turkeys––the 15 of 55 we have left, that is––destroyed a big portion of our home garden. Trousers has been holding daily seminars on how to slip the electrified wire for the other pigs. And since we removed Wanda and Mow to a wonderful new home, the remaining goats have decided to rebel, respectively. Though obviously not nearly the same as Somali Pirates, we have definitely felt like our ship is under siege lately.

So we are on vacation this week, spending 10 days in Cape Cod. We’re taking this time to regroup, relax and let some of that stress drain out of us. But we’re also praying the animals are behaving themselves and haven’t taken the Smiths––who have completely rescued us by generously watching the farm while we’re gone––captive themselves. Not only are the Smiths our mentors right now, but our heroes.

- Jesse.

olive on the porch.

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About a week ago, I found myself running through the woods at 3 AM in the pouring rain, splattering mud all over my pajamas as I chased the escaped pigs with a stick and a bucket of food. It was in this moment that I recalled something I had read in a pregnancy book someone gave me: “You should spend your pregnancy curled up in bed eating chocolate bonbons.” Now, this is ridiculous and it was a ridiculous book. BUT – as I crawled back into bed around 4, aching and sore and cold and wet, I couldn’t help but think where are my freaking bonbons!?

But the truth is, I have no complaints. This has been an amazingly straightforward pregnancy so far. Early on, it was easy to forget I was even pregnant most of the time….because I just kept working. And I am still working. The vegetables didn’t stop growing and the animals still have to be fed. The cow still has to be milked and we still do two farmers markets a week…so nothing much changed as far as my daily life is concerned. There are definitely days when I can feel I am pushing it, but for the most part, I have done all of the same physical activity that I would normally be doing. And I am pretty positive that this is precisely why pregnancy has been so easy. My body is staying strong, my days are active and productive – and I can’t say I would feel the same way if I had been lounging in bed eating chocolate for the past 8 months.

As we are getting closer to December, I know its about time for me to slow down. And I also know that I am lucky – that many women are forced to be on bed rest for one reason or another. So I will just continue to be thankful for this healthy child growing so magically inside of me, and maybe hope that the pigs learn to behave.

- Hannah.


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