We are Hannah and Jesse. Several years ago, we left our respective big cities to return to our home state of Kentucky where we met interning on a small organic farm in the middle of nowhere. We ended up staying in that nowhere – Bugtussle, Kentucky – to build a cabin and live off-grid and grow vegetables. After our son, Further, was born, we decided to move our farm closer to family and closer to a city we could be a part of.

We invite you to follow along with our story, raising food and family with the seasons, homesteading, farming and parenting. There will be animals. Definitely some vegetables. Maybe even minerals––who knows. But, no matter what, there will be lots of stories. They seem to grow on trees around here.


9 thoughts on “OUR STORY.

  1. Count me in. I’m not a farmer (well cfniormed by my depressing little veggie patch) but I’ve read So Shall We Reap’ and I’m on a sharp learning curve. I want a future where my son can afford to feed his family good, healthy, clean food, sustainably/humanely produced, so I’d be very pleased to join you in this campaign.

  2. I found your “Farmacist” shirt on Instagram and ordered one months ago. How I’m just getting back to reading this wonderful wonderful blog I don’t know! You’re definitely at the top of ones I’ll be checking in regularly on now. :) Can’t wait to order your new shirt when it comes out! Thanks for being awesome.

  3. Just connecting. I am your cousin in Texas. Son of Stacy and Nancy Mills. Mom was over tonight and mentioned your mothers grandchild, Future. Congratulations and enjoy the ride. As we are now parents of a 19 year old daughter(Kirsten) and 21 year old son( Brendan) it goes FAST! Buckle up enjoy your time with him and connect, really connect, and you will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams! Enjoyed your website and now that I know where you are I will check in occasionally. Much Love, Shane

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