Welcome to rough draft farmstead…a small, off-grid farm in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. We raise mixed vegetables for restaurants and for our CSA in the central Kentucky area. We dabble in permaculture, biodynamics, and Fukuoka-style farming, but mostly we just use sweat and tears. Makes for surprisingly excellent fertilizer.

– Jesse + Hannah.


4 thoughts on “THE FARM.

  1. I’m Facebook friends with your Mom. Been following your adventure through things she has posted. I’d like to be involved. Please send your current mailing address. Look forward to hearing from you. Love and best wishes to you and Jessee. Sam

  2. Hey Jesse and Hannah,
    This is Cory here and I was an intern at bugtussle in 2005! I have been checking out your progress on your farm and cabin. I too have been on this journey for quite sometime. I left bugtussle determined to live as Eric and Cher. It has taken me a long time to get everything in order. We do have a reasonably sized CSA now, we are finally almost done with our cabin after 4 years of farming and building, and we also have 3 awesome children. In hind sight we would have had our children after finishing the house and establishing our CSA, but we got a little too excited to start the family thing. I just wanted to wish you luck and I have bugtussle deeply embedded in my heart. Congradulations on having the opportunity to live in such a wonderful place! It is all a little overwhelming sometimes, but if we keep on hammering and plowing and loving we will have our farms. Good Luck and Peace.
    Cory, Kayla, Teya, Tyke, and Elsa Brandt

  3. Love your site; love reading about your farm. My partner and I; along with a house FULL of kids, are trying to “make our way” on a small, 3 acre farm. We have tried a little bit of everything, and I thought we would be further along (got our first goats March 2011), but I see that we are not the only ones who have to go back to the drawing board and “re-configure” and it makes me feel not so alone!! We are down the road from you in Lawrenceburg. Best of luck to you!!

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