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Our farm is primarily sustained by the wonderful collection of shareholders who make up our CSA. For the uninitiated, the term CSA stands for “community supported agriculture”, which we realize tells you approximately nothing about what a CSA is. Basically, a CSA is a subscription to a farm, where a community of people all pay an upfront fee, then their vegetables are distributed on a weekly basis throughout the growing season. But our farm CSA is much more than just a membership. By buying a share of the farm you become a part of the farm – you are in relationship with the farmers and the land, and therefore much more connected to the food you eat. The foods in your basket each week will change with the seasons and you will most likely get to try some vegetables you’ve never heard of, and choose many of the things we grow.

We love our CSA members. Many of them have become family to us over the years, as we feed them and watch their children grow. We always include a weekly newsletter with deliveries, giving our members that week’s “farm news” as well as recipes and descriptions of the more obscure produce. We also work with our members if they have any financial obstacles, and we are able to accept SNAP / food stamp benefits for our CSA. If you are interested in becoming a member – read on for the more technical details.

** THE 2017 SEASON **

Let us be your farmers!

Beginning sometime in May (once the garden gets going!) we will be offering a 20 week CSA to consumers in the Lawrenceburg, Versailles, and Frankfort areas. Space is limited! Please contact us as at or call (502) 598-8288 as soon as you can if you might be interested. We will offer weekly, home delivery in Lawrenceburg and Versailles, as well as a weekly pick-up location in Frankfort. Vegetables will include, but hardly be limited to: tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, kale, broccoli, melons, squash, ginger, spinach, etc., etc., etc… Our growing plan for the season includes 60 different crops!

The price of a single share––great for a single individual or small family––will be $470 (which breaks down to $23.50/wk for veggies). PURCHASE ONLINE HERE

A double share––great for a larger family or vegetarians––will be $865 (double the small share for $43.50/wk for veggies). PURCHASE ONLINE HERE

We always strive to make this a fully engaging and interactive exchange, offering recipes and farm updates with every basket. We know that for many people, a big basket full of vegetables every week is a new and overwhelming concept, and we hope to make it fun and educational and healthy for your family. We are currently in the process of certifiying ORGANIC through the USDA, and hope to be officially certified in the new year. But rest assured, we will NEVER and have never used any sort of chemicals or inorganic fertilizers in the garden and you can always ask us about our growing practices––we want you to be confident in where your food is coming from! You can read more about our farm values HERE.

By purchasing a share, you are not only securing the best, most local, freshest vegetables possible, but you are simultaneously supporting a small family, a small business, and a small farm. We are so excited to get this season rolling and hope you are, too! Remember, the amount of shares we can offer is limited so SIGN UP SOON! If you have any questions or confusion, about vegetables or sizes or delivery locations, please let us know.  Thank you!

– Hannah and Jesse.

7 thoughts on “THE CSA.

  1. I am interested in a share next year. Can u put me on the contact list? I am a friend of Franki Neeley.
    Melinda Hunter
    229 Lost Mill Court
    Bowling Green,Ky 42104

  2. Approximately how many pounds comes in a share?
    And what does that look like…on average? 2 heads of brocolli, one onion, 2 potatoes…..

    I am interested in the share but am trying to get my weekly budget together. Thanks!


    • Hi Tari!

      Although it’s difficult to say how many pounds, or what exactly will come in each basket because it does depend on the season, we do our best to give you enough vegetables to get you through your week. A small share is a peck basket’s worth of food, but it often overflows (espcially in tomato, melon, corn season). Most customers we’ve spoken to feel they save money by joining the CSA. But it does depend on how many veggies you eat!

      Hope that helps!

  3. I am interested in your CSA. We are not moving to BG until the last week of May.

    Can I come talk to you at the Community Farmers Market about it?


  4. We are interested in participating in your CSA and are fine with not using PayPal. Would also like info on how this works with SNAP. Thanks,

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