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You can find it on Amazon HERE  (and as an e-book very soon) and read it anywhere––your apartment, the train, space––totally your call.

For the uninitiated, Bringing Wine Home is a book project I’ve been working on for the last couple of years. It’s the story of how I came to find farming (Book One), my first year on the farm and how I met my wife (the recently released Book Two), then our crazy first year of marriage (Book Three––available spring-ish 2014). Do you have to have read Book One to enjoy Book Two? No way––at least not necessarily. Though I believe Book One enriches the experience obviously, it’s not a necessity. If you want, try Book Two out, and if you enjoy it, go back and read the first. Oh, and as the description reads, although it’s technically a book about wine, and a book because of it, it is hardly a technical wine book. It is for anyone and everyone and that’s you!

Thank you and enjoy!

– Jesse.


Some random photos from the past week.

garlic harvest.We had a long, hot day of harvesting garlic. But it was worth it!

blackberry.Today, we will be making lots and lots of blackberry wine!

little turtle!Adorable little turtle friend!

hot piggie.One of Little Seed‘s piggies found a creative way to cool off.

mushrooms.The kids learned how to identify mushrooms with spore prints.


bringing home wine.Over the course of the last year and half––in the mornings before the sun would come up, and in the evenings when the gardens were dark––I sat down and hammered out my story. I wrote when it was raining, when it was dark, through good times, and a surprisingly healthy dose of bad. I wrote every chance I found, and when I looked up, I had a book. This book. A book I’m proud (and thrilled, and terrified) to finally say––with the help of my friends, family and lovely, supportive wife––is officially done.

Bringing Wine Home is a memoir about how––through natural wine, food and farming––I came to meet my wife, and the adventure that followed. For reasons I’ll be explaining on the blog tomorrow, the entire book will be released in three parts over the next year––a trilogy. Book One, all 80 or so pages of it, is the first release and mostly my book. It’s a story about how a few unique winemakers inspired me as a young man––struggling with alcohol addiction in myself and my family––to want to make wine, and want to do so in Kentucky. And although it’s technically a book about wine, and a book because of it, it is hardly a technical wine book. I took great pains to make sure most anyone would enjoy its narrative, wine lover or not.

For those of you who know and follow our story, I only hope this project will enrich it. Each book will be filled with stories we haven’t yet told on the blog––or haven’t told as in depth––and pieces of our story we might never have had the opportunity to tell, had it not been for Bringing Wine Home. Books Two and Three will be out within the year––which again, I’ll explain all of that tomorrow––but for now, I hope you will enjoy Book One, the story of how anyone in their right mind could one day find themselves farming.

Here is the link to purchase Book One. The book will also soon be available on Amazon, and we will be bringing lots of copies with us to the Kentucky Green Living Fair as well!

– Jesse.

UPDATE! Now available on Amazon!


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