further hammering.

Today was a ridiculous 70 degree January day, so it was perfect for getting outside and working on our new greenhouse. We are planning on getting a high tunnel through a NRCS grant, but we won’t be able to put it up in time to start our early seeds. This little greenhouse will mostly be a propagation house for all of our soil blocks. We should be getting the plastic on it next week!

The farm may be a muddy mess right now, but we were all happy to be outside getting a little fresh air on our skin. Further was especially happy to get to use a hammer!

– Hannah.

new greenhouse.

jesse and further.


greenhouse frame.


Some random photos from the past week.

gomer.Gomer is helping us to plow up the garden.

in the greenhouse.The greenhouse is already overflowing with soil blocks!

spreading compos.Spreading compost in the big gardens with Eric and Cher.

chickens.Chicken party on the front lawn.

bunny.Charlie keeps bringing baby bunnies to the house and I keep trying to save them by warming them up on the woodstove and feeding them milk from an eyedropper.


Happy Spring Equinox! We’ve been busy around here. Even though the weather is still dipping into the 20s and 30s (argh!), we have been ignoring this and starting more and more trays of soil blocks. And since trying to squeeze all of these trays into our tiny cold frame during the day and stacking them on the kitchen sink at night wasn’t working too well, we built a greenhouse yesterday.

greenhouse. greenhouse.

We were lucky to have most of these materials laying around, either given to us or salvaged or found or repurposed. We are planning to cover the floor with gravel and then hopefully build some tables and shelves for plants and tools. Hooray for getting stuff done out of necessity!

– Hannah.



After having our land surveyed, we found out we’re taking over 7.48 acres. Most of it’s densely overgrown, but as we mentioned before there is plenty of excellent potential: a salvageable barn, a well, a spring and a high tunnel. High tunnels are like large, unheated greenhouses which are meant to extend your season. We plan to immediately take advantage of this––effective tomorrow! We’re driving down to Bugtussle with a truck full of transplants––young kale, lettuce, collards, and spinach. We will be cleaning out the overgrown tunnel and getting these little veggies growing!

On our trip we’ll also be getting better measurements of our cabin site, and taking more pictures, gathering ideas. As daunting as our next phase is, we’re very excited and anxious to get started. And in less than three weeks, we’ll be doing precisely that: clearing land, plotting, hauling and planning. Over the next couple months we’ll be getting cabin plans organized, seeking out lumber and setting tentative dates for building parties. The real building will probably not take place until early spring, but there’s plenty of prep to occupy our time, and hopefully––thanks to the high tunnel––plenty of fresh greens to occupy our stomachs.

– Jesse.


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