further hammering.

Today was a ridiculous 70 degree January day, so it was perfect for getting outside and working on our new greenhouse. We are planning on getting a high tunnel through a NRCS grant, but we won’t be able to put it up in time to start our early seeds. This little greenhouse will mostly be a propagation house for all of our soil blocks. We should be getting the plastic on it next week!

The farm may be a muddy mess right now, but we were all happy to be outside getting a little fresh air on our skin. Further was especially happy to get to use a hammer!

– Hannah.

new greenhouse.

jesse and further.


greenhouse frame.


Happy Spring Equinox! We’ve been busy around here. Even though the weather is still dipping into the 20s and 30s (argh!), we have been ignoring this and starting more and more trays of soil blocks. And since trying to squeeze all of these trays into our tiny cold frame during the day and stacking them on the kitchen sink at night wasn’t working too well, we built a greenhouse yesterday.

greenhouse. greenhouse.

We were lucky to have most of these materials laying around, either given to us or salvaged or found or repurposed. We are planning to cover the floor with gravel and then hopefully build some tables and shelves for plants and tools. Hooray for getting stuff done out of necessity!

– Hannah.



bathroom floor.

We had a very productive, construction-filled weekend. We finally started work on the bathroom. This project has seriously been at the top of the to-do list for months…it is amazing how the vegetables always seem to trump EVERYTHING ELSE in the summer. So with colder weather and less garden responsibilities, we were able to build a frame for the outhouse, knock out another large portion of the siding, and make some cedar windowsills for the cabin. It continues to blow my mind how small things make such a big difference in the house. These little windowsills covered up the remaining visible traces of drywall, and the living room instantly looked cozy, warm, and finished. Rustic, yes, but almost sort of kind of finished.

– Hannah.

trusty, rusty saw. working on the outhouse.cedar. windowsills. windowsills. windowsills.



Sometimes it really is the little things. I know this is the case for me. It is really the trim going up around the windows and doors, the shelves with our canned goods neatly arranged, the light switch covers and curtains and all the stupid things that don’t matter – these are the things that make our house feel like our home. These are the things that start to make it seem finished, as unimportant as they are. I can slowly see the form taking shape with each tiny detail coming together.

shelf. books. ceiling. doodads. shoes.

And in BIGGER news – we are starting to side the cabin this weekend! Pretty excited/daunted by this.


We’ll let you know how it goes!

– Hannah.


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