canning tomatoes.

It seems some sort of evil joke that the hottest weeks of the year are also the time of the biggest bounty in the garden – meaning I must spend hours and hours in a boiling hot kitchen, standing over a steaming pot,  cooking down tomatoes and canning food for winter. Each time I think I am done, I head out to our wash/pack shed and fine MORE tomatoes. Bins and bins of beautiful, ripe tomatoes. And I cannot let them go to waste. My future self calls out to me through time, telling me how much she is enjoying having tomatoes on a cold, snowy day. I hear her, and I obey. I can some more, I shuck and freeze corn, ball the leftover melons. Thinking and planning ahead, providing for our family and trying to make a little bit of this summer feeling of abundance stretch into those lean winter months.

I am starting to get a little bit burned-out on plain old tomatoes, though. Last night I canned ketchup, and next, I’m thinking about sun-dried tomatoes. How do you preserve your tomatoes? Anybody tried freezing them?


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3 thoughts on “THINKING AHEAD.

  1. Freeze freeze freeze. I simply cut up my tomatoes and throw them in a zip lock bag. Works for soups and stew and sauce if you don’t care about the skin. Quick blanching makes removing skin easier. I also roast tomatoes with olive oil, garlic and basil until semi-dried and freeze those. A treat in pasta.

  2. I like sun dried tomatoes. Quick and simple and don’t take up much space! lol I cut them up and remove the seeds (smaller tomatoes I just cut in half, larger ones into quarters or more–smaller pieces dry faster BUT are so tiny when they’re dry!), toss them in the tiniest bit of olive oil, sprinkle on some seasonings (it varies, but often just a pinch of oregano and rosemary, or perhaps some premade Italian seasoning) and pop them in the dehydrator. I HAVE actually dried them in the sun, and the result was the same except it took WAY longer because the Kentucky humidity is so high. The dehydrator is much quicker and I just run it outside to keep the heat out of the house. Makes the carport smell lovely!

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