CSA shareholders, we have a treat for you!

This year, Hannah and I are experimenting with something we would like to add to the CSA experience: cooking classes!

These events are only open to CSA members, but they are free. How it works is this: starting in late May, every month throughout the season we will host people out at the farm here in Lawrenceburg for a few hours. We are thinking there will be either four, possibly five events, depending on how they go and they will all be mid-week in the evenings (if we have a substantial amount of interest in a weekend event, we could consider one at the end of the season). And although we are calling them “Cooking Classes” they are more like “Delcious Farm Food Preparation Classes”. The goal is to show you everything that will be coming up in your CSA baskets, demonstrate some ways in which you can prepare these items, and give you a chance to see your food growing in the fields. We will also all snack heartily as the night goes along. Our hope is that this will help connect you to your farmers and farm a little more and give you plenty of good ideas for how to manage your vegetables.

These events will serve as a sort of “prototype” for genuine cooking classes when we eventually have a commercial kitchen. But anyone who signs up for the CSA, will always get a significant discount on any events we hold. This year, that discount for CSA shareholders is 100% off!

We will be announcing the official dates soon. Let us know your thoughts, inputs, questions. And we do still have CSA shares available, so please tell your friends!

It will be a kid-friendly event, and a good chance to meet like-minded folks and to get to know your farmers!

We hope to see you, well, here!

-Jesse + Hannah.

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