THE 2017 CSA!


Beginning sometime in May (once the garden gets going!) we will be offering a 20 week CSA to consumers in the Lawrenceburg and Versailles. Space is limited! We will offer weekly, home or workplace delivery to members in Lawrenceburg and Versailles. Vegetables will include, but hardly be limited to: tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, kale, broccoli, melons, squash, ginger, spinach, etc., etc., etc… Our growing plan for the season includes 60 different crops!

The price of a single share––great for a single individual or small family––will be $470 (which breaks down to $23.50/wk for veggies).PURCHASE ONLINE HERE

A double share––great for a larger family or vegetarians––will be $865 (double the small share for $43.50/wk for veggies). PURCHASE ONLINE HERE

We always strive to make this a fully engaging and interactive exchange, offering recipes and farm updates with every basket. We know that for many people, a big basket full of vegetables every week is a new and overwhelming concept, and we hope to make it fun and educational and healthy for your family. We are currently in the process of certifying ORGANIC through the USDA, and hope to be officially certified before the season starts. But rest assured, we WILL NEVER and have never used any sort of chemicals or inorganic fertilizers in the garden and you can always ask us about our growing practices––we want you to be confident in where your food is coming from! You can read more about our farm values HERE.

By purchasing a share, you are not only securing the best, most local, freshest vegetables possible, but you are simultaneously supporting a small family, a small business, and a small farm. We are so excited to get this season rolling and hope you are, too! Remember, the amount of shares we can offer is limited so SIGN UP SOON! If you have any questions or confusion, about vegetables or sizes or delivery locations, please contact us as at or call (502) 598-8228.

We will be around town this week, hanging up flyers and spreading the word. Our goal is to keep it as local as possible, without having to move into the larger market of Lexington. If you have any suggestions for places we should take our flyers, of if you want some business cards and flyers to take to your own office/workplace/church/business, let us know! Help us get the word out and feed as many local folks as possible! Let us be your farmers!

– Hannah, Jesse (and Further).


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7 thoughts on “THE 2017 CSA!

    • Hi Tiphanie! We are considering coming to Frankfort – we are in the process of looking for a drop-off point – a business or someones home where we could deliver our produce and then our Frankfort members would pick up their share during a specific time. We will keep you updated when we find a place!

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  2. Are we able to pay by the week? Or just weeks when I’d like a basket?
    Lawrenceburg residence.
    Is it possible to volunteer to work the garden? I was raised on a farm, like to work in the dirt and would like to give back.

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