Jesse and I don’t make a lot of money – that might be the understatement of the year. BUT, we don’t spend a lot of money either. We are lucky to grow our own food, have our own water, and live without electric bills. So when we do need to buy something, we try to buy from someone we want to support – buying our wood stove from a local store in Tompkinsville, buying extra cabbage for kraut from our friend Pavel, getting birthday presents for the Bugtussle kids from the amazing craft vendors at our farmers market. We also try to appreciate the lesson that you get what you pay for – that it is worth the extra cost to purchase quality and value, to buy something that will last.

It is in this spirit that Jesse bought me my anniversary present this year. I have been carrying around dirty farmers market bags as my purse for a few years now, and had been wanting a nicer bag for a purse/tote/carry-all. I’ve long been a fan of the smartly curated site A Well Traveled Woman, and she recently opened up a shop. The first round of merchandise sold out quickly, but while Jesse and I were on vacation a few weeks ago (and thus in the realm of internet), she restocked her store and Jesse promptly bought me one of her beautifully crafted bags.

Obviously, it cost a little more than the canvas market bags I usually carry around. But it will last. It is beautifully made by a real human being that we want to support. And the fact that it has value will hopefully remind me to take care of it and not throw it into the back of our filthy truck. I love it dearly, and think it will be in my life for years to come. And shouldn’t every purchase we make be so thoughtful?

– Hannah.

a.w.t.b. a.w.t.b.

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