ky green living fair.

Last Saturday at the Kentucky Green Living Fair, we were sadly too busy with our own booth and workshops to spend much time wandering around the fair, seeing all of the amazing vendors and animals and food. That also means that we neglected to take pictures! Luckily, two lovely ladies we met that day were snapping away, and posted their photos from the fair HERE and HERE. (Bonus: their websites are really wonderful. When I met them at the fair I felt I already knew them since I have been stalking their blogs and instagrams….but it was nice to meet them in real life and feel less like a creeper.) Our sweet friend Robin also shared her story and images from the day over at Radical Farmwives.

If you were at the fair and took pictures, post a link in the comments. We would love to see them!

We had such a great time – and we again want to say thank you to everyone we met.  It was good for us to meet so many people who have followed our story and are hoping to get back to the land themselves. It was good for us to talk about fermentation and compost and pastured rabbits with people who don’t think we’re crazy. And it was good for us to be reminded of the greatness of this state of Kentucky. We are proud to be from Kentucky, and happy to have come home once again at this time in its history, where a little green living event in Somerset can bring over 1,000 people together to learn and grow and move forward, towards a better way.

– Hannah.

image from Kate

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  1. I love your blog! Such incredible and well written stories. It was so great meeting you at the KY green living fair. Through my creeping I saw that Tim shot ya’lls wedding? They’re good friends of ours and my husband and I actually shot their wedding! Small small world. So great to have connected with you!

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