First of all, I apologize for that title. Jesse made me do it.

But it’s true! The bees are here! I drove early Tuesday morning to Mount Sterling to pick up two nucs.  Nucs are basically several frames of bees that have been removed from a thriving hive and then either given a new queen or make their own.  We had a thrilling two hour drive back to the farm, as a handful escaped inside the car and were not too happy.  It was a pretty bad day for the bees, altogether…dark and rainy…their least favorite kind of weather.  I opened up the nuc boxes and set them on top of their new homes for a while before removing the frames and placing them inside.

This very sunny morning, I checked inside the hives to make sure everything looked normal….and I found much happier bees! They were very busy and didn’t pay much attention to me at all.  It is such a joy to me!  It seems like I have been waiting forever, since sitting on my floor months ago putting their hives together.  And now I am sitting on the ground next to the hives, buzzing with life, and just watching. They are truly the most amazing little things. They are the reason I first became interested in food and in farming. I love them so much already.

– Hannah.

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