We took full advantage of the SUMMER-like weather this week and started our first seeds!  As we learned from Eric, our papa farmer, Jesse and I made our own soil mixture (soil, peat moss, compost, lime, and sand) and then used a square press to make “soil blocks.”  We poked the tiny seeds into these blocks and now, we wait for the magic of germination! I love this method of starting seeds, as it eliminates the need for little plastic pots and containers.  Plus, the plants PREFER to grow this way. When the roots of these tiny seedlings spread throughout the soil, they will stop as soon as they hit air.  But if these seeds were in a little pot, they grow out to the edges and then start circling around the edge, wrapping and wrapping, trying to find air.  This is a huge waste of energy for these guys!  When our soil blocks are big enough, they can simply be plopped into the ground, or even transplanted into a bigger block before they are ready for their big show. Maybe that’s a lot of useless info, but to us, it really is the most incredible sight to see.  And it is always fun to play around in the mud. Now let’s just hope our little “greenhouse” treats them right!

– Hannah.

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